Aerobarrier Frequently Asked Questions

How does Aerobarrier work?2023-02-08T16:22:33-08:00

AeroBarrier is an interior-applied air sealing system. Waterborne sealant is atomized and injected into a pressurized home sealing leaks up to ½″ wide. info@pacificaerobarrier.com

What stage of construction can AeroBarrier be applied?2023-02-08T16:30:30-08:00

AeroBarrier may be applied at any time between after framing inspection is complete and prior to occupancy. If you are building a new home, the BEST time to apply AeroBarrier is AFTER DRYWALL IS COMPLETED and JUST BEFORE PRIMER COAT IS APPLIED. The WORST time to apply AeroBarrier is at final stage – you will require to mask the ENTIRE HOUSE, which will be extremely costly and time consuming.

What size hole can your product seal?2023-02-08T16:30:57-08:00

AeroBarrier seals holes as large as ½”, and as tiny as a human hair.

I failed my blower door test, can AeroBarrier be applied at final?2023-02-08T16:31:16-08:00

Yes, AeroBarrier can be applied at any stage however there is a preparation procedure to follow at final stage

How long does it take to seal?2023-02-08T16:31:34-08:00

The entire AeroBarrier process, from setup to completion, takes approximately 6 to 8 hours for a typical single-family home. When Passive House or NET ZERO levels are re quired, additional time may be required.

When can my trades come back to work?2023-02-08T16:31:54-08:00

Work can resume in the space as soon as the sealing equipment is removed; allow an entire day for the AeroBarrier process in the construction schedule

What is the durability of the product?2023-02-08T16:32:13-08:00

AeroBarrier is designed to last 50 years with no discoloration and / or material breakdown at the sealant interface.

What is in the sealant? Is it toxic?2023-02-08T16:32:30-08:00

The sealant is a stable, non-toxic, waterborne acrylic sealant.

What needs to be covered? Can you guys do that?2023-02-08T16:33:06-08:00

If AeroBarrier is applied at rough-in or post-drywall, there is very minimal preparation required by the Builder. Vertical surfaces like walls, doors and windows require no covering. All designed openings, such as ducts, electrical and plumbing need to be plugged prior to sealing.

If AeroBarrier is applied at final stage, all finished horizontal surfaces need to be covered, we have a team that can prep / mask at an additional cost

Can AeroBarrier be applied in the cold winter weather?2023-02-08T16:33:34-08:00

Outdoor temperatures above freezing are ideal; we will not seal in adverse freezing conditions. The subject dwelling is required to be heated a minimum 24hours prior to our arrival regardless of outside temperatures.

How much will it cost to seal my building?2023-02-08T16:34:01-08:00

Cost will depend on the construction phase and required airtightness. Once we have your job specifications (size of home, existing airtightness level, etc.) we provide a written quote for your approval. Call or email us to talk about your project.

When is your next availability?2023-02-08T16:34:27-08:00

– Call or email us to talk about your project:
– 604-222-2100

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