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What is AeroBarrier

AeroBarrier is an automated building envelope sealing technology that makes energy efficient and high-performance homebuilding attainable for builders in Greater Vancouver

Building envelopes are sealed with Aerobarrier, an inside applied air sealing system, to increase energy efficiency, soundproofing, and comfort levels. To limit air leakage, prevent breezes, and lessen sound infiltration, it is an air sealing procedure that involves using a proprietary sealant to plug gaps, cracks, and apertures (up to ½”) in a building envelope.

The Process

The AeroBarrier system derives air leakage (ACH) readings in real-time, allowing control of the entire process and achieving your desired ACH target.

Step 1

Blower door test


The dwelling is pressurized with winds of 65 km/hr forcing air to leak outwards through holes, gaps and cracks

Step 2

aerobarrier sealant

Fogging the space

Nozzles placed throughout the dwelling simultaneously release atomized airborne sealant particles

Step 3

aerobarrier seal leakage

Plugging air leaks

Airborne particles are pushed to the areas of leakage, collecting and coagulating as they pass through the holes, gaps and cracks

Step 4

pass blower door test

Comprehensive sealing

The entire structure is sealed from the inside-out all at once; real-time tracking of air leakage is made possible with our patented automated computerized process

The Sealant

Certified as GreenGuard Gold and Built Green, our sealing technology safely and effectively seals the entire building, eliminating the problems and shortcomings of traditional construction techniques and replacing manual labour with an automated, computer-driven, precision-controlled operation.

proven to meet some of the world’s most rigorous third-party chemical emissions standards, helping to reduce indoor air pollution and the risk of chemical exposure.

Built Green Canada

Third-party certified to have zero or ultra-low formaldehyde (less than 0.008 ppm) or GREENGUARD GOLD product

UL Certified

UL – No Flame / No smoke spread. With ultra-low VOC, it has no off-gassing for a truly healthy home.

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