Which city do you service?


We service Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, New Westminister, Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam, and Langley. Contact us for more info  info@pacificaerobarrier.com

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How is Air Leakage measured?


The AeroBarrier system uses a standard blower door device to measure envelope leakage in real-time during the process. The system tracks air leakage using three different metrics: Normalized Leakage Area (in square inches), Leakage Volume Rate (in cubic ft/min or CFM) and Air Change per Hour at 50 Pascals of pressure (or ACH50). The blower [...]

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How long after the sealing process can work resume in the space?


The area needs to be aired out for 30 minutes after the sealing is complete. This is done by opening doors and windows while running the fan. But work can resume in the space as soon as the sealing equipment is removed and 30 min has passed.

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Is the sealant safe to use inside the home?


Yes, the AeroBarrier sealant is GreenGuard Gold Certified, meaning that it is both safe to be used inside a home, and also meets the stricter certification requirements for use in schools and healthcare facilities as well.

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Can the sealing be performed in cold weather?


The AeroBarrier process requires temperature control and pressurizing the areas to be sealed. Ideal conditions is an outdoor temperature of ≥ 5˚C. Sealing can be done below 5˚C but may require additional steps for the preparation.

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What surfaces need to be protected?


If AeroBarrier is applied at rough-in or right after drywall is installed, there in very minimal preparation required. Vertical surfaces like walls and windows require no covering. All designed openings, such as ducts, electrical and plumbing, need to be covered prior to sealing. All finished horizontal surfaces need to be covered.

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What sized leaks can be sealed?


AeroBarrier seals holes as large as ½”, and as tiny as a human hair. Aerosol sealing is extremely effective at sealing narrow gaps and extremely small holes that are typically not cost-effective or are missed during manual sealing.

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Isn’t it bad to completely seal a house?


All new houses in BC require a ventilation strategy in place to make sure fresh air is brought into the house so this won't be an issue. In a majority of the cases, a Heat Recovery Ventilator (or HRV) is the mechanical appliance that is installed to exhaust stale air and draw in fresh outdoor [...]

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How much does AeroBarrier cost?


Cost will depend on the construction phase and targeted air tightness levels. Once we have your job specifications (size of home, existing airtightness level, etc), we provide a written quote within 24 hours. Call us at 604-222-2100 or email us at info@pacificaerobarrier.com to talk about your project.

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