October 1, 2023

Fortis BC Rebate Step Code

Strategizing for the Upcoming Fortis BC Rebate Closure

For Builders and Construction Professionals in Vancouver

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For builders and construction professionals in Vancouver, BC, the looming deadline of December 31, 2023, for the Fortis BC rebates has stirred a sense of urgency. These rebates have long served as an incentive to promote energy-efficient practices, benefiting both the environment and the end-users. As the curtain begins to descend on these rebates, there’s a clear strategy builders can adopt, with Pacific AeroBarrier playing a pivotal role.

The Fortis BC rebates have been an integral part of the Vancouver construction landscape. However, as with all good things, this initiative is nearing its end. December 31, 2023, marks the day when these rebates will no longer be available. Yet, opportunities still linger for proactive builders.

Pre-Registration: The Key to Securing 2024 Rebates

For those with projects slated for completion in 2024, there’s a strategic approach to take. Engage with your energy advisor and make a point to pre-register your 2023 projects. By doing so, these projects will still be deemed eligible for rebates, even after the formal conclusion of the program.

Pacific AeroBarrier, known for its groundbreaking technology, can significantly boost a building’s airtightness. Why is this noteworthy? The enhanced airtightness directly aligns with the energy efficiency standards Fortis BC champions. Consequently, leveraging AeroBarrier can be instrumental in ensuring a project qualifies for the coveted rebates.

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Engaging Pacific AeroBarrier Early in the Process

One of the cornerstones of achieving optimal airtightness is involving Pacific AeroBarrier during the rough-in stage of construction. Such early integration ensures that the construction process is streamlined, with a keen focus on achieving the highest standards of airtightness. It’s prudent to schedule a comprehensive walkthrough with the Pacific AeroBarrier team before commencing the insulation phase. This joint assessment is an opportunity to identify potential areas prone to air leaks and rectify them proactively. Addressing these challenges head-on is vital, as it ensures a smoother, more efficient path forward.

The Value Proposition: Time, Cost, and Quality

An essential component of the construction process in Vancouver, BC, is the mid-construction blower door test. Pacific AeroBarrier’s involvement can drastically enhance the chances of clearing this test without hitches. The outcome? Builders save invaluable time, avoid financial setbacks, and evade potential complications.

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Post Dry-Wall Blower Door Test

The Assurance of a Post Dry-Wall Test

Pacific AeroBarrier’s commitment to a project doesn’t conclude with the initial test. Once the drywall phase is finalized, they offer a post dry-wall blower door test. This subsequent evaluation reaffirms the building’s airtightness, solidifying the builder’s credibility in delivering high-caliber, energy-efficient homes.

As the Fortis BC rebate program prepares to bid adieu, builders in Vancouver, BC, are presented with a clear roadmap to maximize its benefits. Through strategic pre-registration and integrating Pacific AeroBarrier into your workflow can not only help you qualify for Fortis BC rebates but also ensure impeccable airtightness for your projects.

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