October 10, 2023

Pass The Blower Door Test in Vancouver

Passing Blower Door Test in Vancouver

pass blower door

Pass Blower Door

Navigating the intricate web of construction in Vancouver, BC, comes with its challenges. With stringent step codes in place and an ever-growing emphasis on energy efficiency, builders are searching for reliable solutions. Enter Pacific AeroBarrier – the key to unlocking superior airtightness across a spectrum of constructions, from quaint laneway houses to expansive apartment complexes.

Pacific AeroBarrier offers an unparalleled solution designed to achieve optimal airtightness in a building. Whether you’re in the process of constructing a duplex or an expansive apartment building, achieving consistent airtightness remains a top priority. Pacific AeroBarrier’s advanced techniques present a solution tailor-made for Vancouver’s evolving construction landscape.

Why Builders are Tuning in to Pacific AeroBarrier:

  1. Elevated Efficiency: Utilizing Pacific AeroBarrier translates to significant time savings, a factor that’s crucial when trying to adhere to Vancouver’s step codes.
  2. Enhanced Reputation: Airtight constructions are synonymous with quality. Builders integrating Pacific AeroBarrier’s expertise are poised to earn a reputation for excellence and reliability in the competitive Vancouver market.
  3. Financial Incentives: Improved airtightness paves the way for potential energy savings, positioning builders favourably for Fortis BC rebates. This dual advantage of environmental stewardship and monetary rewards is hard to overlook.

Blower Door Tests: A Two-Pronged Approach

blower door test

Mid-Construction Blower Door Test: This preliminary test often poses a challenge for many builders. However, with the integration of Pacific AeroBarrier early in the process, builders can approach this test with newfound confidence.

Final Blower Door Test: Pacific AeroBarrier’s commitment doesn’t wane post mid-construction. When it comes to the all-important final blower door test, their expertise ensures a building’s airtightness is nothing short of exceptional.

Every construction type has its unique set of challenges when striving for airtightness. Be it a laneway house, single detached house, duplex, triplex, fourplex, or larger constructions like multi-family units and apartments, achieving consistent airtightness is imperative. The need to compartmentalize, especially crucial in larger constructions, demands precision. Pacific AeroBarrier’s versatile approach ensures each segment, regardless of its nature or function, achieves the gold standard in airtightness.

The evolving construction norms in Vancouver, BC, defined by the step codes and airtightness benchmarks, demand innovation and precision. For builders, Pacific AeroBarrier offers a streamlined path to achieving these standards. From passing the rigorous blower door tests to ensuring every construction type—from single homes to large apartments—meets the airtightness criteria, Pacific AeroBarrier emerges as the ace in a builder’s deck.

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