Aeroseal Vs Aerobarrier


Navigating Vancouver's dynamic home improvement landscape? Dive into the differences between AeroSeal and AeroBarrier, two pivotal technologies revolutionizing comfort and efficiency in Vancouver homes. From enhancing HVAC efficiency with AeroSeal to ensuring an airtight envelope using AeroBarrier, this guide helps Vancouver homeowners decipher which solution best aligns with their needs, all while emphasizing the city's commitment to sustainability and quality living. Discover the nuances, benefits, and applications of these innovations and make informed decisions for a greener, more comfortable living space.

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Aeroseal Vancouver


Seeking a comprehensive solution for a cozier, cost-efficient, and healthier home? Dive into the wonders of AeroSeal, a revolutionary technology that's transforming Vancouver homes. Discover immediate comfort enhancements, financial savings, and unparalleled indoor air quality. Say goodbye to uneven temperatures, skyrocketing bills, and indoor pollutants. Unlock the science behind AeroSeal's efficient process and understand why it's the linchpin for modern homeowners aiming for a holistic home improvement. Join the league of satisfied homeowners who have harnessed AeroSeal to elevate their living experience.

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Pass The Blower Door Test in Vancouver


Passing Blower Door Test in Vancouver. Pacific AeroBarrier provides a leading solution for optimal building airtightness in Vancouver. Whether building a duplex or a large apartment, consistent airtightness is key. Our advanced methods are perfect for Vancouver's construction needs, ensuring a successful blower door test pass

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Fortis BC Rebate Step Code


Strategizing for the Upcoming Fortis BC Rebate Closure For Builders and Construction Professionals in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland of British Columbia

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Re-Sequence the Blower Door


The Certified Energy Advisor (CEA) is on site setting up the blower door fan for a mid-construction test. There’s a nervous feeling; the results will mean proceeding to drywall installation or a FAIL meaning making repairs and scheduling another test.

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Matt Risinger features AeroBarrier


Renown YouTuber and custom homebuilder Matt Risinger invites AeroBarrier to demonstrate and AeroBarrier one of his homes under construction down South in Texas.

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A Game Changer for Airtight Construction


A Game Changer for Airtight Construction?It’s rare for one innovation to transform a whole industry. But a new air-sealing technology called AeroBarrier may be poised to do exactly that for energy-efficient homebuilding in the United States.In a time when production builders are struggling to make their houses airtight enough to meet the 3 or 5 [...]

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BC Energy Step Code


The BC Energy Step Code is a voluntary provincial standard enacted in April 2017 that provides an incremental and consistent approach to achieving more energy-efficient buildings that go beyond the requirements of the base BC Building Code.

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Holmes & Holmes featuring AeroBarrier


AeroBarrier joins up with Mike Holmes and his son Mike Holmes, Jr. on the DIY Network show Holmes and Holmes to tackle a leaky home under construction ane the results are truly impressive!

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